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Jewelry Education
Jewelry is one of the only gifts you can give or accept that is always well received. It let's you get as personal as you feel comfortable. Online Shopping is one of the most convenient methods of shopping and allows for a vast array of products to be at your fingertips. Its the fastest and easiest way to get exactly what you want, The only problem is...figuring out what you want and making sure its the finest quality product.
It also doesn’t hurt knowing that you’re buying from a highly respected jeweler with over three decades of experience. One thing we have learned from being in this business for the last 30 years is that each and every client that visits us (no matter how much jewelry buying experience they have) needs to have a professional jeweler guide them in the right direction. This Education page will do just that.


Diamond Education

id  jewelry education page

The 4C’s Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat. Find out why diamonds are priced different from one another, and pick the perfect diamond thats right for YOU.

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Gemstones Education

education page gemstones

See what Gemstone is best fit for your occasion. Whether it’s a birthstone or just your most favorite Gem in the world, find out what makes it worth it value.

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Pearl Education

id jewelry education about pearl

Break the barrier of ignorance with knowledge. Find out what make one strand better than the other and figure out what’s right for your needs.

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Jewelry Guide

id jewelry education jewelry guide

Get detailed education for evaluating and choosing different types of jewelry such as engagement rings, bracelet, earring and necklace.

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