The Jubilant Crown


The Victorian era. It began in 1837 with the reign of Queen Victoria and was looked upon as the Second English Renaissance. It was a time that saw a great expansion of wealth, power and culture.

Coupled with a new found technical fervor and expertise was the Victorian emphasis on romance and emotion. It was in this climate of specialized occupational skills and amorous thinking the Jubilee Cut, a spectacular new diamond, was born.

A diamond unlike anyone had ever seen. A round cut so bright that it could never be improved upon Until now.

A New Standard

Inspired by the Victorian era, and fashioned after the Jubilee Diamond Queen Victoria received on her 75th birthday, which to this day can be seen in the Crown Jewels, the GemCrown® Diamond was created. 

Today, when placed next to an ideal cut diamond, 8 out of 10 customers choose the GemCrown® based solely on its sparkle. 

Using the Jubilee diamond as an inspiration, a diamond so brilliant, so full of fire that it surpasses anything that has come before it has been created. The reason behind this extraordinary radiance is that a way to cut 16 additional facets into the crown has been discovered. 

This gives the Jubilant Crown a total of 74 facets as compared to 58 facets in a plain round diamond cut. But it is not just the addition of supplementary facets that make the difference. If that were the case, a diamond with well over 100 facets would surely be the brightest. But the Jubilant Crown maintains a perfect symmetry that allows for the maximum dispersion of light. When viewed through the crown, the Jubilant Crown actually appears one color higher on the diamond color scale than it actually is. 

Finally, there is a meaningful alternative for the serious diamond buyer. The person who wants something more valuable and superior. Not a fad diamond, but one that has its roots in the refinement and opulence of the Victoria era. One that is destined to stand the test of time as one of the great diamonds The Jubilant Crown® as elegant and gracious as the love that spawned it.


The Jubilant Crown

Every Jubilant Crown diamond has an official registration number inscribed on the girdle, as well as being AGS, GIA or EGL certified. But the real authentication is right before your eyes. All it requires is a simple comparison between the Jubilant Crown and an ordinary round diamond of equal size. The results are even apparent to the naked eye And the difference in brilliance will not only make a believer out of you, but in all probability, the very proud owner of a diamond of unsurpassed radiance…….The Jubilant Crown.