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3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone rings are a powerhouse of sparkle. It doesn’t take a generous to know that a product with three stones are better than one. And there’s no better way to express true love than with diamonds. Than why not get as many as you. But seriously, less is definitely more but when it comes to your brilliant engagement ring you can never go wrong with a little extra glitz. The perfect original Three Stone Ring was intended to be worn as an anniversary ring. A ring gifted to your loved one after years of toils and tribulations, love and laughter. The solitaire engagement ring was the traditional engagement ring. That was later partnered with a plain wedding band or diamond eternity band.

As seasons would pass and couples grew older with each other they would collect small trinkets along the way. But it was at those milestone anniversaries that couples would gift each other significant gifts. Husbands were gifted gold money clips or high end watches like Rolex. And wives…three stone rings. They would do either of two things. 1. Reset their original diamond and pair it with two new side diamonds. That gives their old engagement the look of the updated three stone ring. This allows them to have an updated look without losing the intimacy of sentimental value. 2. Buy a totally new diamond ring representing the couples Past, Present, and Future.

The Past, Present, and Future collections is what each diamond is representative of. The diamond to your left is for your past. The diamond to your right is for your present, and the diamond in the center, the largest of the three, is for your Future. FYI, the three stone ring is not limited to just three diamonds. You can have multiple additional small diamonds on the side. You can have each diamond surrounded by a halo. You can have all three diamonds be the same shape. And you can even mix and match them. Having a round cut in the center and maybe pear shape diamonds on the side. The options and selection are endless. You don’t even need to diamonds. You can accomplish the exact same look with Precious gems like Rubies, Sapphires, or Emeralds.