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  • Please allow a response time of 48 hours. A response to your request will be delivered at our soonest convenience. If you haven't heard back from us by then please e-mail or call us to verify that your inquiry was in fact received.
  • Your contact information will be kept private and confidential- unsolicited calls to you will not be made unless requested by you. Please take an extra moment and review your email address to insure that our response is being delivered to the correct address.
  • Many of our style are custom creation specific to certain components of an order. That being said any one of the styles that we have sold in the past can be recreated to your specifications. Please attach any style numbers that have tickled your fancy, from our website, Facebook page, or Instagram portfolio. They normally begin with an IDJ.


  • Complete as many fields as you can with accurate information so that we can give you the most precise information with regards to your custom order.
  • Please provide us with precise center stone information so that your specific quote can be properly assessed by our production team. If you are still undecided on the exact center stone, provide us with as close a range as possible. A broader range with deliver very diverse quote.
  • Not only is it helpful to provide a budget, but rather, it is a must. There are so many different variables that drive the price of a diamond, so having that accurate information allows our Graduate Gemologists to provide you with the best possible options for you specifically while remaining within your target price range. Follow this link to search our vast diamond inventory
  • You also have the freedom to attach 3 images of similar designs that have inspired your creation.
  • The information you have provided to us will be reviewed upon your submission of this form. Our diamond consultants are available to guide you through the process whether its via email, phone, or even in store. Our clientele is international. We are able to ship all over the world. Now's there nothing to hold you back. Happy Shopping.